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    Choosing the right Electrician for your Swimming Pool Build

    01/ 23/ 2017 0 Comments

    When installing a new pool, be it an above ground or inground swimming pool, an electrician will almost certainly need to be hired to complete the electrical requirements.  As a pool builder, we have worked with so many different electricians over the years that we have seen first hand how tricky it can be to get the right one for the job.

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    Why is my pool water green?

    05/ 13/ 2016 0 Comments

    Every pool owner has once experienced a green pool. Either upon opening your pool for the upcoming season, returning from a nice family vacation or even just waking up one morning and your pool walls have green slimy growth on them. If you are a pool "newbie" - No need to panic, it happens even to the best of us. Who's the culprit? Algae! Pea green, forest green or slimy walls are some of the most feared pool water problems an owner may have. But not to worry, we know how to fix it.

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    Ottawa Inground Pool Builder Checklist

    03/ 22/ 2016 2 Comments

    Buying an inground pool can be slightly intimitating if you don't have any point of reference to compare all the companies.

    We decided to help you in the process by providing you a checklist of what you need to ask when choosing inground pool builders.  

    Fact is, you can use this checklist if your buying fiberglass pools, concrete pools or vinyl inground pools. 

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    How Often Should I Test my Pool Water?

    01/ 19/ 2016 0 Comments

    When it comes to pool water testing there are two types of tests that you should consider. One of them can be done at home, with the use of test strips or a testing kit that uses drops. 

    The other one should be done by your local pool professional by bringing in a water sample from your pool. In this article we will share with you when each test should be done to get you one step closer to keeping your pool crystal clear all summer.

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    How to use Chlorine Pucks

    01/ 10/ 2016 5 Comments

    Chlorine pucks have been a popular way of chlorinating your pool for quite some time now. By using chlorine pucks it reduces your chance of forgetting to add chlorine since the pucks slowly dissolve over time. This ensures that your pool keeps a constant chlorine level without much effort. All though this chlorination system is a life saver for some people, when not executed properly it could cause your pool more harm than good. Don't worry though in this blog we will show you how to use chlorine pucks efficiently as well as a few tips and tricks that might be handy.

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    How to Lower Cost of Inground Pool using this simple trick

    12/ 21/ 2015 0 Comments

    If you are in the market to buy an inground swimming pool, rare are the times when you will get a single quote from one pool builder and make a quick decision.  (Typically will only happen when you get a referral)

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    How to Clean a Salt Cell

    11/ 18/ 2015 0 Comments

    When using a salt system the proper maintanence of the functional parts plays a major role in the longetivity of the system, the main one being the cell. With proper care you will see that your salt cell will have a longer lifespan and reduce the chances of breaking. The end of the season is usally a good time to clean the cell since you are removing it from your system anyway for winterization. The following video comes from Hayward pool products, and can give you a good idea as to how to clean a salt cell. Keep in mind that if your salt system is not a hayward system or mentioned in the video, the process and prinicples remain the same for all salt systems. If you thought this information was usefull and are looking for more, visit our top pool information blogs page. 

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    Cleaning a hot tub in under an hour?

    11/ 03/ 2015 0 Comments

    As we are about to enter the winter months, it would be wise to start thinking of cleaning your Hot Tub to have it ready for winter use. For some of you this might just mean changing the water, while others might feel the need to give the tub a good wash. Which ever situation you find yourself in we have you covered and the best part is, it will only take you about an hour.

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    Campbell... Hot Tubs?

    10/ 19/ 2015 0 Comments

    Sadly it's that time of the year, where the leaves change colour, the temperatures get colder and the pool has to be winterized.

     Yes unfortunately for all pool enthusiasts summer is over. We hope you had a wonderfull summer and that you really enjoyed your pool, but here at Campbell Pools the fun doesn't stop when snow covers the ground.

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    First aid plan for a leaking pool

    10/ 07/ 2015 1 Comment

    Every pool owners nightmare would be to wake up one morning and out of nowhere, the water level of their pool is dramaticly lower than where it was the night before. The usual first reaction to this would be panic while trying to find out where all the water is being lost. Some people might also simply skip trying to locate the leak and imediately call their pool dealer. Just like any other emergency, it's always better to have planed ahead of time and have predetermined steps to follow. The following are the best ways to identify if you have a leak and where that leak maybe comming from.  

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