3 Inground Pool Design Ideas Based on How you use it

    03/ 18/ 2015 0 Comments

    Inground Pool Design Ideas for BBQOne of the very first questions that a homeowner should ask when thinking about building an inground pool should be

    What do I want to use the pool for?

    The answer to this question can have a dramatic impact on pool design ideas that will work for you.  Over the years, we have narrowed it down to the top 3 types of pool desires and we have a specific recommendation for each choice.

    1. Inground pool is for the kids and family

    Norlander Inground Pool DesignLazy L Inground Pool Design

    If the main reason for having an inground pool is for the kids and family to play, then it might make more sense to have a pool with a larger shallow end or even a pool with a resort style bottom so that you can touch the bottom in most of the pool.  

    2. Lap pools and fitness pools

    Full L Inground Pool DesignRectangle 4ftrad Inground Pool Deisgn

    Maybe the main reason for the pool is to do laps for fitness.  Well in that case we’d focus on designing a pool that has more length and uses a straighter, linear design. 

    3. Backyard Enternainment Inground Pool

    Mountain Lake Inground Pool DesignLagoon Inground Pool Design

    Perhaps you’ll want to use the pool and attached patio area to primarily entertain.  Then we want to focus on the living spaces in the yard and incorporating a pool shape that keeps these areas intimate and connected.   

    When the time comes to sit down with a swimming pool professional and discuss the pool design ideas, he or she will be able to help guide the pool design much better with a basic understanding of what the pool will be used for.  A client with a clear purpose is a pool builder’s best friend.

    But remember to keep an open mind. For example, we often hear that the pool will be used “For my young kids to have a place to play in the summer”. This is fantastic. But it often leads to a design with a very large shallow area for the children.  As a professional pool designer I would caution against this because those young children very quickly grow up into teenagers that may be more interested in a pool that has a large deep end. The biggest feedback we get when clients come back year after year is that the kids grow up fast.  

    "Cannon-balls" and Diving into the pool will be inevitable, so make sure you tell your guest where there splash zone will be!

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