Cleaning a hot tub in under an hour?

    11/ 03/ 2015 0 Comments

    As we are about to enter the winter months, it would be wise to start thinking of cleaning your Hot Tub to have it ready for winter use. For some of you this might just mean changing the water, while others might feel the need to give the tub a good wash. Which ever situation you find yourself in we have you covered and the best part is, it will only take you about an hour.


    Really?.. Less than an hour?

    I know what you must be thinking, is cleaning a hot tub under an hour really possible? Yes it really is possible and we will show you how. For some of you this isn't your first rodeo and probably have a system you follow. Of course we are not saying that this method is the only way to cleaning a hot tub, it is simply a series of steps that will ensure everything is done in a timely manner. We have found this info graphic to show you so you can have visual insturctions. Remember that if you ever feel unsure about which cleaning products are safe for your tub you can always contact us and we will be glad to assist you so you can enjoy your hot tub.

    clean your hot tub under 60min