How much do Inground Pools Cost?

    01/ 27/ 2015 23 Comments

    how much do inground pools cost?

    When you start shopping for an Inground Pool for the first time, it might seem intimidating to find out what kind of budget you need to purchase one.  We hope to give you some basic metrics that will help you understand how to estimate the inground pools costs. 

    We can breakdown the total cost of an inground project into four parts:

    • The swimming pool installation cost
    • Cost of incidentals as part of the swimming pool installation
    • Fencing required around the swimming pool
    • Landscaping around the swimming pool design.

    Lets get started with breaking down the expected costs of each major part of your project.

    The Swimming Pool Installation Cost

    Inground Pool Installation

    For the pool itself, the cost will of course vary depending on the size of the pool and to certain extent, the shape.  A fully equipped and installed pool with a heater, lights, salt system, solar blanket and roller, automatic cleaner and simple concrete deck will start around $25,000 and go up to around $45,000 for the very largest sizes.

    There are of course certain options that can be added to the pool such as water features (waterfalls, jets, water arcs, etc), automation systems, robotic cleaners as well as upgrading certain items like the color of the steps or adding color LED lights.  As with most luxurious additions to your house, there can be no limit to what we add to a pool project.  The package that is included with a Campbell inground pool is very complete and far beyond the minimum needed to run the pool.

    Cost of inground pool incidentals as part of the installation


    Incidental costs are items that are typically not part of the cost of the pool but that need to get done to finish the project.  They include such things as the electrical connection, gas or propane connection, cost of the city permit, cost of the water to fill the pool, re-instating the access to the yard.

    Some swimming pool companies may include these costs in the price of the pool while others do not.  In the case of Campbell Pools, we have these separate since they can be tendered directly with the homeowner if they choose.  

    On average the cost of these incidentals will be in the neighborhood of $3,000 to $5,000

    Fencing required around the swimming pool


    Fencing is required by law in most jurisdictions.  Many yards in the suburbs are already fenced and require very little or no improvements to make them by-law compliant.  In rural settings it is far more typical to have a need to fence off the pool area.

    The cost of fencing can also vary a great deal depending on the size being fenced off and the style of fencing being used.  As a quick rule of thumb, you can expect around $25 - $30 a foot, installed, for chainlink fencing, $35 - $55 a foot for wood, $45 - $55 a foot for PVC and $45+ for ornamental steel and wrought iron.  Certain features such as gates can also add to the total cost.

    Landscaping around the swimming pool design.


    Landscaping is one part of the total project that can be as little or as much as the homeowner is prepared to spend on.  It is also the part of the project that many homeowners take on as a "Do It Yourself" project and will often spread it over a period of time.  It is not unusual to have the pool installed and in use with landscaping elements around the pool being completed only years later.

    It is somewhat difficult to estimate the cost of landscaping since there really is not limit to what can be done.  But at its most basic we can expect $3,000 to $5,000 to add a small patio area that ties in to the pool area.

    So What is the Cost of Inground Pool?

    If you add up everything here, you are looking at something that will start at $25,000.  If you are shopping around for an inground pool, be sure to request a quote from Campbell Pools as well.  We would love to be given a chance to show you how we can transform your backyard into a little paradise at home.  If you want more details specific to you, click the button below and we will send you a quote.

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