How to Clean a Salt Cell

    11/ 18/ 2015 0 Comments

    When using a salt system the proper maintanence of the functional parts plays a major role in the longetivity of the system, the main one being the cell. With proper care you will see that your salt cell will have a longer lifespan and reduce the chances of breaking. The end of the season is usally a good time to clean the cell since you are removing it from your system anyway for winterization. The following video comes from Hayward pool products, and can give you a good idea as to how to clean a salt cell. Keep in mind that if your salt system is not a hayward system or mentioned in the video, the process and prinicples remain the same for all salt systems. If you thought this information was usefull and are looking for more, visit our top pool information blogs page. 

    List of materials:

    - Muriatic Acid


    - Water


    ** The Muriatic Acid/Water mixture is also sold pre-mixed, known as Salt Cell Cleaner.