What our Clients say about working with Campbell Pools

I have had my pool 10 years. Absolutely love it! Love the quality and service! Glad we ventured across the bridge to another country to buy our pool. Still get my accessories and chemicals there every year!  

10/10 - Lynda Hooper from Ogdensburg

 Our experience with Campbell's pools was very positive. We had a very detailed estimate that explained everything that would be included into this package. There were no hidden fees. All around great experience and we have been recommending them since. 

 9/10 - Mike and Jessica from Ottawa

 The staff were very speedy with the installation. They were also very professional, the service was great! We continue to use their services during the year for water testing (free service that they provide). We are very satisfied! Once we had a piece broken, they supplied it to us at cost even though it wasn't under any warranty. Great company!  
10/10 - Lianne Johnston in Orleans