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    Basics of Swimming Pool Water Chemistry

    07/ 02/ 2015 1 Comment

    Swimming Pool Water ChemistryIf you own a pool, you are very familiar with the concept of having test strips or drops to measure the chemical levels in your pool.  It is a maintenance step to ensure that you have clear water that is sanitised and safe.  In this article, we will highlight the main components of swimming pool water chemistry that we test when you bring a sample to our stores in Ottawa.  We will also explain why they need to be balanced.

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    How we Install Inground Pools in Tight Access Areas

    05/ 08/ 2015 5 Comments

    When installing inground pools in the city of Ottawa, it's very rare that people have lots of space between their home and their neighbors house for the process.

    Does that mean you can't get a pool in your backyard?

    Not with us at Campbell Pools.

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    What Chemicals do you Need when Opening a Swimming Pool for the Summer

    05/ 01/ 2015 2 Comments

    When it's time to open your swimming pool, many people have the reflex of immediately taking a water sample to the local pool store.  This is actually a mistake.  

    See, after a winter season, more then likely the pool will be a little green by the time you remove the cover (if any) and re-fill it with water.  So before you even think about adding any adjustment chemicals to the water, we suggest the following 3 items to add when opening a swimming pool.

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    Step by Step Guide to Opening your Swimming Pool after a Long Winter

    04/ 20/ 2015 0 Comments

    When summer is rolling in, it's time to open your swimming pool.  If you are looking for the right time to open your swimming pool in Ottawa, do refer to our last post

    But here, we want to provide you with your list of steps. 

    *Si vous voulez le guide en français, obtener-le ici.

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    11 Steps to Fully Completing your Inground Pool Installation

    04/ 12/ 2015 1 Comment

    Campbell Pools has completed thousands of inground swimming pool installations over the 25+ years we have been doing this.  Clients are extremely happy to see us working with professional processes that are proven and consistant.

    We have put together this post with the major steps of building an inground pool.  Of course, there is fluctuation based on pool design, weather and features, but this overview should prepare you with what to expect when you decide to get a pool.

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    When is the Best Time to Open My Swimming Pool in Ottawa?

    04/ 04/ 2015 0 Comments

    Every year when the snow starts melting and the sun goes up, the phones start ringing in the office with people asking:

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    Long Term Costs of Owning Inground Pools in Ottawa

    03/ 31/ 2015 0 Comments

    Long term costs for Inground Pools are items that will need to be address 5+ years down the road.  Just like maintenance in a car, these items need to be looked after depending on wear and tear.  Every pool owner should know about this and anyone considering a pool should make sure to know about these before making a pool buying decision.  The major items are:

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    How to Install an Above Ground Pool in 10 Steps

    03/ 22/ 2015 3 Comments

    We have installed over 5,000 above ground pools over the years and we usually hear a few clients ask if they could do it themselves.  The short answer to that is yes.  

    But, you do need the right equipement and the right instructions. 

    The manufacturers of the above grounds like Aqualeader and Zodiac do a great job at manufacturing them.  But it would be a stretch to say that every model comes with instructions on how to assemble (not quite like Ikea furnature). 

    Our goal here is to give you a 10-step overview on how to install an above ground pool yourself.

    Now before you get started on reading the steps, know that this is one of the ways to instal.  Every builder adds their own style.

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    3 Inground Pool Design Ideas Based on How you use it

    03/ 18/ 2015 0 Comments

    One of the very first questions that a homeowner should ask when thinking about building an inground pool should be

    What do I want to use the pool for?

    The answer to this question can have a dramatic impact on pool design ideas that will work for you.  Over the years, we have narrowed it down to the top 3 types of pool desires and we have a specific recommendation for each choice.

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    The 4 Yard Access Types to Install an Inground Pool and Impact on Cost

    03/ 12/ 2015 1 Comment

    A huge factor in the cost of an inground pool project is how we can access the area in which the pool is being installed and what size of excavation equipment we can use. While it is technically possible to install a pool in virtually any yard regardless of the type of access we have, the cost of doing so can quickly get out of hand.

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