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    List of Best Inground Swimming Pool Builders Ottawa

    03/ 09/ 2015 0 Comments

    Buying an in ground swimming pool is a big investment.  We understand that the process is not simply about walking into a store and signing a contract.  In most cases, people will shop around to find the right company to install a beautiful pool.  

    So we decided to help our shoppers with identifying some of the known in ground swimming pool builders Ottawa.  Since you are reading this article on our website, we decided not to include Campbell Pools in the list for obvious reasons.  

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    4 ways to get Swimming Pool Design Ideas

    02/ 27/ 2015 0 Comments

    One of the steps to do before buying a swimming pool, especially inground swimming pools, is to make a list of all the pool designs ideas you like, and don't like.  Call it a visual backyard dreamboard.

    When Campbell Pools started, we would provide clients with a booklet to start the conversation on available pool designs.

    Now, the internet has opened the way for many more ressources to get inspired.

    Below is a list of the top places to get a list of amazing pool pictures that you can discuss with your partner, and show your sales representative.  This will allow swimming pool companies to know better what you want.

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    Swimming Pool Cost: Annual cost of Replacement Items

    02/ 26/ 2015 2 Comments

    Every year we need to look at at a few items that add to the siwmming pool cost.  A pool owner should budget $200 a season for replacement items that wear out. For most seasons it will cost less than $200, but there will a season when everything seems to need replacing all at once and it will add up to a bit more.

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    Inground Swimming Pool Cost: Annual cost of Natural Gas / Propane Heater

    02/ 21/ 2015 0 Comments

    In reality it’s a very hard question to answer since each season, and each pool owner, will vary tremendously.  That being said, from years of feedback we can say that the average pool in an average season used by an average pool owner will on average be somewhere in the neighborhood of $500 - $700 in natural gas and about 3.5X for propane. (Based on 17.7NG and 62PRO rates in Jan 2015)

    The cost to heat your inground swimming pool will depend directly on two factors:

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    Inground Swimming Pool Cost: Annual cost of Chemicals

    02/ 18/ 2015 0 Comments

    This will also vary a great deal from season to season and from pool to pool.  An average inground swimming pool in an average year used by an average pool owner will need to budget about $300 in chemicals for a season (based on a 16’x32’ inground).  If the pool is using a salt system, that number will most likely be a little bit lower. 

    We need to breakdown our chemicals into three categories.

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    Inground Swimming Pool Cost: Electricity

    02/ 13/ 2015 0 Comments

    The cost of electricity will be a big chunk of your total seasonal cost of operating a pool and the biggest electrical consumer will be the water pump. 

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    Top 4 Surprises from people who buy an Inground Swimming Pool

    02/ 12/ 2015 0 Comments

    Over the years we’ve had tons of feedback from new inground swimming pool owners during the installation.  We put together our top 4 suprises we hear all the time that are fun and make us laugh a little.  If you remember buying a pool in the past, you will relate to this.  If you are about to Buy a pool, consider this a few warning of what to expect when buyng a pool.  

    Don't worry, it’s not all bad as you may think!

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    Polymer vs Steel Inground Pool

    02/ 07/ 2015 1 Comment

    This is one of the most common questions we get asked. 

    Polymer vs Steel Inground Pool, which is better?  

    When we compare both systems we need to remember that everything else is the same. The pool equipment, the accessories, the possible acrylic steps and benches and the vinyl liner. Both products offer limited lifetime warranties and both are expected to last for longer than we can expect to be around.

    But there are a few differences and each one does have some advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look.

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    What are Locates and do I need them? Call before you dig Ottawa

    02/ 03/ 2015 0 Comments

    When anybody for any reason is digging anywhere, they are responsible for knowing what is underground. The excavator is ultimately responsible for any damage they incur while digging.  And that being said, you certainly don’t want to be responsible for cutting a major fiber optic line that costs half a million dollars to fix!!

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    What are the Inground Swimming Pool Permit and Regulations for Ottawa?

    01/ 31/ 2015 2 Comments

    Residential swimming pools are subject to township/city bylaws.  A permit is required for the enclosure (fencing) and grading. 

      Surprisingly enough, pools are not subject to any building code requirements.   While true in the Ottawa area, other jurisdictions do have building codes regarding the pool itself and each township/city has a different set of bylaws.

      Information regarding swimming pool regulation and fencing bylaws can be found with your local township/city building permit office.

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