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    Step by Step Guide to Opening your Swimming Pool after a Long Winter

    04/ 20/ 2015 0 Comments

    Opening your Swimming PoolWhen summer is rolling in, it's time to open your swimming pool.  If you are looking for the right time to open your swimming pool in Ottawa, do refer to our last post

    But here, we want to provide you with your list of steps. 

    *Si vous voulez le guide en français, obtener-le ici.


    1. Pump the water off the winter cover

    Use a submersible pump, if applicable.with a submersible pump, if applicable.  Remove the winter cover from the pool and properly clean and dry it before you store it in a safe place for the summer.

    2. Position your Pump next to the Filter

    Same place as where it was installed before winterizing your pool.

    3. Connect the Pump and the Filter Together

    The pressure hose goes from the top of the pump to the filter inlet indicated as “pump”.

    4. Connect Pump and Skimmer

    Connect the pressure hose from the bottom of the skimmer to the front of the pump.

    5. Connect Filter and Return

    If you have no heater, automatic chlorinator, nature2 or salt water system, connect the pressure hose from the return to the filter outlet indicated as “return”.

    6. Connect Automatic Chlorinator or Salt System (if Applicable)

    If you have an automatic chlorinator or a salt system, it must be installed on the return line between the return and the filter.  Make sure the flow arrow indicated on your automatic chlorinator is pointing towards the pool.  The automatic chlorinator or salt system must be the last item installed on the return line. If you have a heater and/or nature II purifier, please follow this sequence:  skimmer – pump – filter – heater – nature II purifier – automatic chlorinator or salt system – return.

    7. Connect Heater (if Applicable)

    If you have a heater, make sure the drain plugs are installed and tightened properly to prevent leaks.  Also reconnect the pressure switch located inside the front panel of the heater. It is recommended to have the heater serviced by a certified gas technician.  Please follow the manufacturer’s instructions in the owner’s manual.

    8. Install the pressure gauge on the filter. 

    Put Teflon tape on the threaded part of the pressure gauge and screw it gently into the orifice.  It should only be hand tightened.

    9. Install the backwash hose

    Connect to the filter outlet indicated as “waste”.

    10. Install drain cap at the bottom of the filter tank.

    11. Fill the pool with water

    Fill to the half way point of the skimmer opening.

    12. Bottom Drain (If Applicable)

    If you have a bottom drain, make sure that the3 way valve is opened in every direction to not restrict the water flow before starting the pump. The handle onthe3 way valve should NOT be facing any openings because whichever opening the handle is facing, that opening is closed.  Do not worry about the anti-freeze in the bottom drain pipe.  This product is non-toxic and will mix with the pool water once you start the pump.

    13. Install Basket and Weir Door

    Make sure the skimmer basket and weir door are properly inserted in the skimmer.

    14. Let the pool circulate

    Give it at least 24 hours before you bring in a water sample so we can analyse the water for proper chemical balance.

    And that's it!  Opening your swimming pool isn't as hard as closing it that is for sure.  If you still want the professionals to do it, you can always give us a call.

    Let the season begin!