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    Top 4 Surprises from people who buy an Inground Swimming Pool

    02/ 12/ 2015 0 Comments

    Over the years we’ve had tons of feedback from new inground swimming pool owners during the installation.  We put together our top 4 suprises we hear all the time that are fun and make us laugh a little.  If you remember buying a pool in the past, you will relate to this.  If you are about to Buy a pool, consider this a few warning of what to expect when buyng a pool.  

    Don't worry, it’s not all bad as you may think!

    1. Inground Swimming Pool Installation Started, but Where’s everybody?

    digging for inground swimming poolsDuring the construction, homeowners are often surprised by how much stop and go involved. For a few days you’ll have a lot of activity.  Then suddenly, nobody is around and nothing seems to get done.

    What is happening in reality is that we are often waiting on an inspection (at least two electrical and one from the city) or getting a sub-trade in to do their portion of the work before we can move on to the next step.  It can be a bit frustrating to not see any progress for a day or two but it is the reality of a major construction project.

    Campbell Pools has always prided ourselves in being able to achieve a quick project completion without cutting any corners or skipping any steps.  Sometimes that may mean an extra day or two, but in the end, it’s well worth it.

    2. Never realized I had so many neighbors!

    This one always gives us a little bit of a chuckle.  During the inground swimming pool construction, it’s not uncommon for quite a few people on the street to come over and check out what’s going on.  It’s also not uncommon for a lot of them to become very friendly when they learn it’s an inground swimming pool installation.

    And it doesn’t stop there either.

    inground swimming pools installation truck

    Suddenly you become the most popular person in your family with the suggestion of backyard barbecues and poolside parties by even the most distant relatives. And of course, your ki

    ds suddenly will find themselves with a whole new batch of friends coming over to use the pool.

    But all joking aside, be prepared to have a few people come over and check things out during the construction of the pool.  It’s a pretty impressive sight to have the equipment working and especially if we are using our conveyor belt system during the excavation, a lot of people will want to see the process since they may have been thinking of putting in a pool themselves.

    3. Beautiful day - Why are they not pouring the concrete patio?

    inground swimming pool installation

    It doesn’t occur often, but when it does, it can be a very frustrating day and not only for the homeowner.

    When we are doing a concrete patio or deck we of course need to make sure we have good weather so we can actually pour the stuff.  There is no way we can pour concrete during heavy rain.  But there are also many other environmental requirements when we are doing concrete work, especially if it’s colored stamped concrete.

    Unless you’ve worked in the industry or know a lot about concrete, you may not be aware that it becomes almost impossible to pour if the weather is too hot.  If air temperature is too high, the concrete starts to dry too quickly and it becomes impossible to properly stamp the pattern into it.  If the humidity is too high, it can cause the surface to the stamped concrete to improperly set leading to flaking a few years down the road.  The same is true when it’s too cold.

    So from time to time we run into weather that if bright and sunny but unfortunately, doesn’t let us pour our concrete.  This always comes as a surprise to the home owner that is waiting impatiently (can’t blame them, the concrete work is towards the end of the project when nothing is getting done fast enough!) for the patio to get poured when we tell them that we need to postpone for a day.

    But as we always tell them. It’s worth the extra day to make sure we are building the best possible product and not cutting a corner that will cause problems down the road.

    4. I didn’t expect that Inground Swimming pool to look so big!

    Water Fill inground swimming poolsProbably the most common comment we hear at the end of a project.  No matter how many plans are drawn up or how many times we paint the outlines of everything in the yard before we start.  When the final product is installed and everything is up and running, it looks so much bigger than we thought. 

    There’s of course a fairly interesting reason why this is that involves how our brains perceive depth and distance.  Once you add depth to the pool and height to landscaping elements, our sense of scale and distance suddenly perceives things differently and in the case of an inground pool, they seem larger than expected.  Even if you are using 3D swimming pool design software, the real thing is always going to be a good surprise!

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