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    What Chemicals do you Need when Opening a Swimming Pool for the Summer

    05/ 01/ 2015 2 Comments

    3 products you need for opening a swimming pools for the summerWhen it's time to open your swimming pool, many people have the reflex of immediately taking a water sample to the local pool store.  This is actually a mistake.  

    See, after a winter season, more then likely the pool will be a little green by the time you remove the cover (if any) and re-fill it with water.  So before you even think about adding any adjustment chemicals to the water, we suggest the following 3 items to add when opening a swimming pool.

    Chemical #1: Stain and Scale

    This product helps prevent any scale, rust, and other metallic stains in water and on pool surfaces.  People who have hard water (lots of calcium in the water) are used to adding this regularly.  In any case, having this added at the start of the year is great way to prevent any kind of liner and/or parts discoloring.

    Chemical #2: High Concentration Algeacide

    This kind of algeacide removes most of the oxygen from the water that is necesary for organic material to survive. This will help kill the existing algea, as well as help prevent any new algea from growing.  We suggest a minimum of over 20% concentration, 40-60% as a recommendation.

    Note: 5% or 10% will not cut it here, even if you add high quantities.  Also, if you did do it with low concentration products, it would end up costing you more.

    Chemical #3: Chlorine to Shock the Pool

    Saving the best for last, the chlorine.  You will want to add double of the amount you would use for a regular shock.  This will oxidise the pool, killing any bacteria, algea and other organics that would have grown over the winter.  If you use granular chlorine, do 

    mix if first thoroughly, given that the water is cold and the quantities are large.  If you are using liquid chlorine, pour a little all around the pool and the reminder near the water return. 

    Note: Do not splash the chlorine on yourself or your clothes, it will bleach.

    Or... Get your Pool Opening Kit

    pool-opening-kit-1If you stop by one of our 4 stores, we have plenty of Pool Opening Kits available for you.  This is a kit that contains the 3 items listed above, specifically for your pool opening.  

    Ask our staff about the quantity you need given your pool size.

    What's next?

    At this time, your pool is not ready to jump in, especially right after you have added all these chemicals.  You will want to give it at least 48h until the chlorine levels have dropped to normal levels.  (use test strips to monitor).  Once your chlorine level is below 1ppm, you can take a water sample to the store and we will be able to give you the recommended chemicals to balance the pools.