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    What is a salt water pool system?

    01/ 22/ 2015 5 Comments

    Zodiac-Salt-water-system-lm-24If you are talking with friends who have a pool, you are yourself a pool owner or you have been shopping for a swimming pool already, then you should of heard about salt water pool system.

    This technology isn't anything new.  It's only started to gain lots of populairity here in Ottawa over the last 15 years.

    Following is an overview of the functions and benefits of a salt water pool system.

    How does a Salt Water Pool System work?


    Zodiac Salt Water Pool System - Duoclear

    It’s a device that uses salt to manufacture and deliver sanitizer to the pool automatically.  This item would replace the Automatic Chlorinator.  With this system, NO Chlorine is necessary!  The salt system would be used to eliminate the hassle of handling and storing sanitizer, for peace of mind, for easier maintenance and because salt feels better and is less irritating to the body than standard chlorinated water.

    It consists of a cell, where the sanitizer is produced, and a power pack that supplies power to the cell and control the functions.  The mildly salted water passes through the electrolytic cell and sanitizer is produced.  The sanitizer is released into the pool to kill bacteria and algae and then turns back into salt to be used over again.  Through the season the salt will be lost only through splash out and backwashing.  It is not lost through the process of making sanitizer or through evaporation. The salt water system virtually eliminates the need for regular shocking, as long as maintaining chemical balance and sanitizer levels. 

    What about doing pool shocks with a Salt water Pool System?

    You may need to give the pool a boost of sanitizer after heavy use of the pool or after storms.  This is done simply by pressing the Super-chlorinate button on the power pack.  The feature automatically shuts off after 24 hours and then the sanitizer level returns to normal. It’s really easy to use! 

    Starting your Salt System for the first time

    Before you start the system for the first time, you have to get your water chemistry balanced and add the recommended amount of salt to your pool and then choose your desired sanitizer level.  With fewer fluctuations in chlorine levels, pH levels are more stable.  As a result, the pool’s water is much easier to balance.